Corporate profile

Zhejiang Delekang Food Co., Ltd, located in 30 Chunhui Road, Yongan’s Gathering Area, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, was founded on December 31, 1994. At present, Delekang relies on technologies of plant isolation, extraction, oil refining and focuses on rice bran, ginkgo biloba to carry out comprehensive utilization of raw materials and becomes key leading enterprises in China. Our main business is rice bran oil series products and incorporates the research, development, manufacturing and sales of ginkgo biloba extract series. By the end of 2020, Delekang’s registered capital had accounted for 55.2 million CNY and the total assets consists of 727 million CNY. In addition to Zhejiang province, there are two subsidiaries. One is Jiangsu Delekang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The other is Zhejiang Delekang Food Sales Co., Ltd.

Currently, our products can be divided into two categories. The first is rice bran series, which includes rice bran oil, Gamma Oryzanol and Ferulic Acid. The second is plant extract series, including ginkgo biloba extract and shikimic acid. Our main products are widely used in retail, catering and food processing, food additives, dietary nutrition supplement etc.

After years of technical accumulation, brand building, Delekang relies on its own competitive advantages in cost and service to lead in plant extract industry. The company was rated as the national key leading enterprises in 2020 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National Securities Regulatory Commission and other eight departments. And the comprehensive utilization mode of rice bran series in 2018 was selected as “the catalogue of the second typical mode for comprehensive utilization of national agricultural products and the processing of by-products” by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Office issued. From 2017 and 2019, Delekang was successively approved as “Top 10 Rice Oil Processing Enterprises” by China National Association of Grain Sector, China Cereals and Oils Association and China Grain Economy Association.

Development history

In December 1994, former company Xianju Yinhe Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded.

In July 1995, the first product Gamma Oryzanol was launched.

In 2003, company possessed fist-class production capacity of rice bran oil and established a comprehensive utilization mode for rice bran.

In 2005, new product ferulic acid entered the market.

In 2011, company established production line for ginkgo biloba extract.

In 2012, new product ginkgo biloba extract was launched.

In 2019, new product tea polyphenols was put into trail production.

In 2020, company discovered shikimic acid from ginkgo leaves and actualized mass production.